TA MUG iconThis LEDE is a new feature on THE Ave.  The lede in a newspaper is the paragraph that initially draws readers into a story. On THE-Ave.US, stories can be spread across  many posts so we will use ledes to draw your attention to stories about specific topics or to authors who write here on TA.

    For example, you can click here for stories about the UW or here for timely stories about the presidency under Mitt Romney.


    ST PAUL ICONEvery Sunday, THE Ave begins with a story about religion. Sometimes these are quotes from one of the bibles, other times they stories about how religious and anti religious people behave. Hopefully there is enough balance to please, offend, or stimulate folks who care about what is done in the name or names of deities. READMORE HERE.


    Some months BBQ SC ago I started writing about South Carolina.  In part I started because of the fight between that state and Washington state about jobs for Boeing.  What I have found is almost unbelievable.  The cradle of the confederacy, remains almost incredibly foreign to any place I have lived.  Teen births, gun abuse, anti union laws, racism, … I have relatives who chose to live there but I doubt I would ever want to visit their home. CLICK the BBQ guy to readmore.

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    mR sMITH GOES TO THE uwThe UW was and is the soil from which THE Ave developed.  This lede will take you to stories about the UW … the athletic department’s budget, the lack of free speech on campus, the achievements of the UW that do not get heralded, relations with the city and state, and more. Recent stories have dealt wit a very strange fight over the UW logo.



    Roger RabbitRoger is our resident Chief Justice of the cabbage patch.  A former judge and a former journalist, this furry creature is cynical about most things, legalistic about law, and even .. at times … good at making fun.


    legal thuggeryLegal thugs …. they are a pestilence.  I found the lady here watching at the edge of a labor meeting in Seattle.  Who was she?  From her clothing, manicured nails and skeptical posture I took her for some corporate type, perhaps a corporate lawyer looking for an edge.   Lawyers working for corporations seem to be pretty good at that and pretty bad at any sense of ethics.  Indeed, I believe Law 101 teaches them that the first principle of the law is that “it is OK if you can get away with it.” This may be a caricature but I have been collecting stories about lawyers who use perjury as a device, extort money from targets afraid of the costs of law suits, hold forth while hiding under fictions that they are not acting as lawyers, and much more.   Read about this under the tag for legal thuggery.

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THE Ave Challenge: What is it?

A. Mars from a billion years ago

B. Athena, scene from Star Wars X.

C. Bowling ball emerging from its mold

D. Earth from 4 billion years ago

E. Planet X, first exo planet with signs of life




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A Jewish Liberal Responds to Hatred of Israel

Edited rom The Forward This was on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, the epicenter of the liberal American shtetl, a place so ubiquitously Jewish that even the smallest grocery store posts Friday night candle-lighting times each week.   Last Shabbat, as my husband and I were walking home from a lo[...]

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South Carolina fails to make it in the top ten of racist states.

BBQ SC 1Vote for your favorite racist state in the U.S. Take Part in this poll: I was surprised not to see South Caroloina, proud home of the confederacy and the state where a confederate generrla (enactor) walks around in costume with his won slaves after being appointed President of a State college. Good [...]

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CHINA’S Imperial Hypocrisy

BEIJING, June 28 (Xinhua) — Chinese President Xi Jinping on Saturday warned against attempts to establish a dominant civilization in the world. “We should champion inclusiveness and mutual learning,” Xi said when delivering a keynote speech at a commemoration marking the 60th anniv[...]

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The Gaza War May Be Near Its End

SMS thumb CezanneShort of Some Unforeseen Terrorist Act By Hamas, This War is Near Its End First,  Israel says  that refugees in city of Beit Lahiya in the northern Gaza Strip can return to their homes. This would be the first place of the border pacified since the war  began over two weeks ago.  The decision[...]

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BUCHENWALD 46: As Gaza blazes and on the 70th Anniversary of the Polish resistance in Warsaw, Can we remember the motto, “Never Again?’

In May of  1943 the Germans finally destroyed the Jews still in the Warsaw ghetto but Warsaw, now Juden frei,  was to see more blood in 1944. The suicidal actions of Hamas, their willingness to die for a failing cause, reminds me of the Warsaw ghetto. The Jewish resistance had arisen within the[...]

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Anniversary of the Negris leaving Spain

My family name, when we lived in Spain, was Negri .. a word meaning that we were dark folks like the moors.  In March 1492 King Ferdinand, under pressure from Torquemada, issued a decree of expulsion against the Negri. Four months later, two days before Christopher Columbus set sail, my family left[...]

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Happy Birthday! Michael Jackson by Firiz Mahmud


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THE Ave Challenge

How much did this joystick sell for last year? A. $200 B. $1700 C. $15 D, $28,000 E. $610,000[...]

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Reoublican madness


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Why St. Louis Has A Cop Problem

When citizens are more afraid of police than criminals, you’ve got a problem. Everyone now knows St. Louis cops shoot black people with sickening callousness, but the reasons aren’t well understood by people who don’t live there, hence this article.  Other cities, of course, also [...]

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Neanderthals Ate Vwggies!

Neanderthals ate vegetables too! Scientists from MIT and the University of La Laguna in Spain identified human fecal remains from El Salt, a known site of Neanderthal occupation in southern Spain that dates back 50,000 years.[...]

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A real SEATTLE waterfront!!!!

Some months ago and other websites bemoaned the Disney-esque and undistinguished design proposed for Seattle’s waterfront.. We felt the New York based architect had done a great job of designing a waterfront for Kansas City. Someone must have heard!!!! Today’s Seattle Times re[...]

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  ‘Rape-provoking’ miniskirts and crop tops banned by king of Swaziland with offenders facing six months in jail   Ceremony: The tiny beaded dress worn when maidens dance semi-naked for the autocratic King Mswati III does not fall foul of the new law (file picture) Read more: h[...]

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SUNDAY REVELATIONS: Finding the date for genesis

By studying the DNA sequence of Y chromosomes of men from many different populations, scientists have determined that their male most recent common ancestor (MRCA) lived sometime between 120,000 and 156,000 years ago.[...]