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Sarah Stroup
UW Professor of Classics
from AAUP listserv

Esteemed Colleagues—

I read the Deresiewicz article earlier this morning, and with some annoyance.  There are parts of it with which I agree—the expectation of excellence in numerous extracurriculars and service hours, the exceptionally stressful environment of the university (not limited to ivies, either public or private, by the way) et cet.—but there was something that rankled.  I mean, beyond the cinematic hyperbole (anyone see Tina Fey’s *Admission?*) and clear anti-intellectualism (or at least anti-ivyism).  There was something that rankled.
Ok, so this fellow spent a day on a Yale admissions cttee in Spring 2008.  I have no particular reason to doubt this, knowing nothing of the Yale admissions calendar, though I do find it interesting that even a whole long day of a cttee meeting should be taken as sufficient experience to write about ivy admissions as whole.  But we all have different standards for evidence, so let us pass this by without mention.
But what was it?  This article was just published, and it is based on a day’s observations six years ago?  I knew nothing of  Dr. Deresiewicz, and so thought I’d look him up.  He was at Yale between 1998 and 2008—he left, that is, within months of his experience on the admissions cttee.  I found that interesting.  And so I looked him up some more.
The summer after he left Yale, he published, famously, an article entitled “The Disadvantages of Elite Education” (, in which he confesses that he did not know how to talk to a plumber that had come to work on his pipes (apparently not a metaphor), and it is the fault of his elite education, which taught him to believe that “people who didn’t go to an ivy league or equivalent school weren’t worth talking to, regardless of their class.”
First of all, I suspect that his plumber (I wonder why he assumed that the plumber had not had an elite education) must have breathed a deep inward sigh of relief when this arrogant, patronizing troglodyte backed awkwardly out of the kitchen to go carry on conversations with “people from other countries, in other languages.”
Second of all, if Deresiewicz came to believe that people from other educational backgrounds are “not worth talking to,” then this is both a deep moral failing and, I suspect, the fault of poor parenting or crummy friends (if, that is, he is being honest, and I suspect he is not).  I am the child of parents who went to ivy-equivalent (whatever that means: let us say merely “élite,” accent and all), and I am a Cal alumna, and among the many fine lessons my father delivered me were (1) every person who meet can do something you can’t, and most of these things matter more than anything you research, and (2) try not to be an asshole.
I’m still working on that second one.  Anyway.
As I grew up, with a fairly privileged educational background and optimistic educational trajectory, I never received, from either parents or professors, the merest hint that my education made me better than anyone else (unless they were a PhD in Classics from Harvard, because then, of course).  If this is truly the lesson Dr. Deresiewicz learned along the way, it is a matter of the character of those with whom he spent his time, not the character of elite institutions per se.
However.  I do not believe that Dr. Deresiewicz is being honest with us.  I do not know why he left Yale in SP 2008, but I do not believe it is because he suddenly realized he couldn’t talk to plumbers.
And why, then, this article, now?
(By the way, IvyGate published a hilarious rebuttal to Dr D’s piece, here: )
In the “do as I say not as I do” category, I happen to love Wikipedia for quick peeks into trivial matters (I also happen to love to erroneously edit Wikipedia pages, and am no longer allowed to do so).  Dr. D is one such matter.  Wikipedia informs us that Deresiewicz had compiled the “The Disadvantages [etc]” article, “and other articles” into a book (!) [Excellent Sheep: Thinking for Yourself, Inventing Your Life, and Other Things the Ivy League Won't Teach You] that is set to be published by Simon and Schuster (!!) in 2014!  That’s this very year!  Talk about a coincidence!
I looked for the book by that title, and could not find it.  Darn.  But I did find Excellent Sheep: the Miseducation of the American Elite and the Way to a Meaningful Life and How to Make Small Talk to Plumbers.
I made up the plumbers bit.  But the book is coming out in about a month.  Or perhaps in as little as a couple of weeks.
In other words, the New Republic piece—a virulently anti-academe piece based on a one-day experience six years ago—should be understood to be just what it is, which is a self-interested press release for Deresiewicz’s new book.
Fair enough.  But let’s keep things in perspective: this is not a piece written by an academic who cares deeply for his students and the stresses of higher ed at the top institutions (indeed, Dr. Deresiewicz’s disdain for the students he taught for ten years makes me rather relieved that he turned his attention to plumbers); it is written by a former academic with an ivy-sized chip on his shoulder, who is trying to promote his book.
And good luck to him.
As Ever, or Even More So,
Sarah Stroup

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Class and Leadership in the Black Community

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It’s Really Happening: America’s Middle Class Is Vanishing

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Canadian Parliament Is Attacked; One Shooter Reportedly Killed; Wounded Soldier Has Died

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October 21st, 2014 - 7:41 pm § in Politics

Oops …


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Wisconsin Voter Fraud Exposed

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October 21st, 2014 - 4:15 pm § in Misc.

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