Logo for Pharyngula WebsitePharyngula: Evolution and God The editor, PZ Myers, is best known for his opposition to creationism and support for atheism. The blog also offers links into Science Blogs a metablog for science websites. A good list of blogs on academic freedom can be found at College Freedom.

Of recent interest to THE Ave: PZ talks about atheism.

Horses Ass .. Progressive Politics for the NorthwestHorsesAss .. Progressive News for the Northwest The site is named for an initiative by the editor, David Goldtsein, to rename Tim Eyman. David is a superb writer and often breaks major stories the more conventional press misses.

Of recent interest to THE-Ave: A discussion iof college football in Seattle.

Logo forPublicoal WebsitePublicola replaces lost print media with aggressive investigative journalism doine byreporters working both Olumpia and Seattle.Logo for blatherwatchAnother great local site is Michael Hood's Blatherwatch. Hood is an afficiando of local media, especially radio and offers biting and hunorus comments of Seattle media. Tasting Menu has a good blog on Seattle resaurants.

Of recent interest to THE Ave: The perils of free speech, how to fuind a great blog. Also of recent interest to THE Ave: Gregoire on the aftermath of Vov. 2 2010.


Academic Blogs Logo in WikilinksAcademic Blog Portal is a page in Wikipedia with links to academic blogs in ALL subject areas! More academic links, are at this link..

Unfortunately the UW does not appear amongst the academic links. A search using the on campus version of Google gave me this list.
One that looks intersting is from the "Office of External Affiars." Unfortunately, in these teribly importnat tmes for the UW, the last entry there is May 5.

Another blog that should interest the-Ave is a new one put up by the UW Faculty Senate. Unfortunately, this blog is rather stodgy and almost unused. As of Nov 4, the most recent post was a polite suggestion to fauclty that they might discuss voting on Nov 2.

the humanist logoThe Humanist, a magazine of critical inquiry good source for essays on liberal ideas, from science to Maoism, supreme court to the papacy. Publication of the American Humanist Association.

For a more tradtional source not usually read by Americans, The Ave recommends the english edition of Der Spiegel.

Of recent interest to THE Ave:Spiegel discusses the development of univeristy courses aimed at Imans. Seems timely here! Maybe we need to do this fir Imans AND for fundamantalist Christians? Jews too?

Also very relevant to the UW, immigration policies in Germany are blocking efforts to bring foreigners to work there. The US seems to never disentangle its concerns over the crowd at Home Depot vs the needs of our faculty or Microsoft.

The The Monthly is a UW humor-new magazine. Worth a read!

Sound Politics is the left wing version of HA. Contributors include Stefan Sharkansky and Jim Miller.

Of recent interest to THE Ave: might be the posts about denial of global warming and celebration of the defeat of the 1098 initiative for a high wealth inciome tax.

Another post at SP reports of the Evergreen Freedom Foundation, a tax free right wing research institute's findings on the oubloic schools.Is the UW next?

ASUW logoUW also has blogs for the Associated Students and the Graduate & Professional Student Senate.. Thres is also a blog for commercial and social activities in the University District U Dustrict Dailyand for other Seattle neighborhoods..

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